Twenty Years Later, Narconon Vista Bay Celebrates its Two Thousandth Graduate

Vista Bay 2000th Graduate

As Narconon Vista Bay celebrated two thousand completions of its recovery program, community leaders were welcomed and acknowledged for their help.

Anyone in law enforcement knows the toll that substance abuse takes on a community. For twenty years and two thousands graduates of its rehab program, Narconon Vista Bay has been able to help reduce that toll. On Friday, March 1, Narconon Vista Bay in Watsonville, California invited in officials from their local community to help them celebrate this milestone.

Every Friday night at Narconon Vista Bay, there’s a graduation ceremony that announces the names of those who have completed steps of the recovery program and the overall program. Families of the final graduates are often present and sometimes add their comments about the occasion. When sons or daughters thank the parents who never gave up on them, or when mothers welcome their now-sober children back into their lives, these are always emotional moments. When a father who’s graduating says that this is the first time in twenty years he hasn’t wanted a drink and his children put their arms around him, this is the moment the Narconon staff live for.

For the March first graduation ceremony, two important individuals from the community were invited to join in. A Watsonville city councilwoman was there to present the two graduates of the night with certificates of recognition for their accomplishments. For the entire twenty years of Narconon Vista Bay’s operations, the councilwoman has worked with the center to cooperatively fight the local drug problem.

Sheriff Vista bay Acknowledgement

Also in attendance was a Sheriff’s Deputy from the County of Santa Cruz. Rigo Ubilius from Narconon Vista Bay presented the deputy with a plaque acknowledging him for work to keep the community safe from drugs and crime.

“Every day, our local law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect honest citizens from the effects of substance abuse,” said Mr. Ubilius. “We can’t thank them enough for their constant support and defense so we can continue our work.”

In Los Angeles, Clark Carr, the president of Narconon International, praised the work of Narconon Vista Bay. “It’s never an easy task to help addicted persons recover,” stated Mr. Carr. “But the rewards of saving their lives are enormous. When they return home sober, healing occurs for the former addict, for the family, for the entire community. We are exceptionally proud of the work of the Vista Bay staff ”

Description: Narconon Vista Bay celebrated twenty years of saving lives from drug addiction and two-thousand drug rehab graduates. Many parents and members attended to support the celebration. Awards were given out to show appreciation.

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