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In Oklahoma, Day of Music, Speeches and Awards Mark 48th Anniversary of Narconon Founding

Every day, we are grateful for the support and contributions of our neighbors. We are happy to return drug-free citizens to our communities but we could not do this job year after year without this support. We are glad to have their participation in our forty-eighth anniversary event. Continue reading

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The Narconon program – 1966 to 2014: Celebrating Forty-Eight Years of Saving Lives!

In these forty-eight years, we have graduated more than 40,000 people and maintained a high success rate. I’m very proud of the many recognitions and commendations we have received from governments and institutions around the world. But the heartfelt thanks of thousands of families is what really counts, don’t you think? Continue reading

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Narconon Releases Comprehensive Knowledge Base on Inhalant Abuse, Specifically for Parents

Many parents and youth have no idea that they can die on their very first use of an inhalant. In fact, there are six different ways that inhalants can kill a person, whether it’s their first use, second or twentieth. It’s vital for parents to know how to educate their children to protect them. This starts with parents becoming well-informed. Continue reading

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Helping Others at Christmas Helps those in Rehab at Narconon Arrowhead, Too

Again this year, Narconon staff built and manned a float for the Christmas parades in snowy McAlester and Muskogee. This year, the theme of the float was “Narconon: Directing a Brighter Future.” Continue reading

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Narconon South Europe Enjoys Anniversary Celebration Complete with Honored Guests, Graduates and Music

We could not succeed without our friends and supporters. We are extremely proud of our Narconon executives and staff in Italy for their persistence and dedication and look forward to their continued success. Continue reading

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Nepali Officials, Police and Families Welcome New Narconon Rehab

The beautiful new Narconon center is able to house 100 of Nepal’s addicted citizens at a time. Nepali officials and dignitaries were enthusiastic in their support for a rehab facility that could fight the growing drug problem in the country… Continue reading

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Hundreds of Team Narconon Runners Join Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic to Promote Drug-Free Message

Our runners had a chance to make a statement to their friends about living a drug-free life, both during their training and the run itself. Every time we provide a way for young people to spread this message, it helps devalue the peer pressure that drug abusers put out.. Continue reading

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Local Officials and Neighbors Celebrate the Arrival of Narconon in Cancun, Mexico

The new Narconon Cancun center will be helping drug addicts from the local area, from cities across Mexico and even from other countries. Continue reading

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Narconon International Intervenes in Addiction by Helping Families Make the Right Decisions

These rules can save a family from years of tragedy and financial ruin,” said Carr. “Anyone reading this booklet should feel free to send it along to any other family who might need the information. Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Technology Arrives on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos officials were interested to find out that they can help people recover from addiction with just nutritional support, life skills training, detoxification and one-on-one work with rehab staff. This gives them hope that they can reduce or perhaps even eliminate the drug abuse problem and return the Galapagos to its original peace and beauty. Continue reading

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