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Narconon International Intervenes in Addiction by Helping Families Make the Right Decisions

These rules can save a family from years of tragedy and financial ruin,” said Carr. “Anyone reading this booklet should feel free to send it along to any other family who might need the information. Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Technology Arrives on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos officials were interested to find out that they can help people recover from addiction with just nutritional support, life skills training, detoxification and one-on-one work with rehab staff. This gives them hope that they can reduce or perhaps even eliminate the drug abuse problem and return the Galapagos to its original peace and beauty. Continue reading

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Narconon Supports Parents’ Fight Against Synthetic Drugs With Release of Educational Feature

The knowledge of the synthetic drugs’ dangers may not have reached many parents who would like to protect their children. And even if they have found information on synthetics, the scientific nature of the information may have made it hard to explain to their kids what the drugs are like and why they cause such severe problems… Continue reading

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Clinical Toxicologists and Chemical Safety Experts Learn about Detoxification from Narconon International

two Narconon representatives presented the innovative detoxification methods used in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program to the 14th Latin American Congress of Clinical Toxicology and Chemical Safety. Continue reading

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Narconon Redwood Cliffs Combines Fun with Community Education at San Juan Bautista Red Ribbon Race

Helping our community groups with projects like this one is one more step towards a drug-free community. Working hand in hand with organizations like Friday Night Live and the Sheriff’s Department, we know we are making a difference. Continue reading

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Narconon Releases New Guidelines on Importance of Life Skills in Drug Rehab

For more than forty years, we have been working side-by-side with recovering addicts to enable them to develop the exact abilities described by the WHO and SAMHSA… Continue reading

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Narconon International Applauds Long-Term Success of Graduates from Narconon Eslov, Sweden

Just released from Narconon International, a new followup survey of graduates from the network’s rehab center in Sweden shows consistently excellent results from the last three years. Continue reading

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Narconon Routine Monitoring System Might Improve Standard of Care – For Any Rehab Program

This paper was authored by Dr. Richard Lennox, PhD, of Chestnut Health Systems, in partnership with UCLA psychiatry professor Alfonso Paredes, MD and others. The paper describes how the Narconon Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) system was developed, tested and proven effective for its task. Continue reading

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Sylmar Olive Festival Provides Backdrop for Narconon Anti-Drug Message for Kids

Amid the food, entertainments and olives, Narconon Drug Prevention & Education engaged children in anti-drug activities to help them achieve their goals. Continue reading

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Los Angeles Ministers Gain New Tool to Fight Drug Abuse in Communities: Narconon Anti-Drug Curriculum

For the last four months, eight ministers from South Central Los Angeles and one Narconon drug prevention specialist have been meeting at the Carson Community Deliverance Center with one purpose in mind. They intended to reduce drug abuse and thereby reduce drug-related crime. In particular, the young population in South Central struggles with this problem, but everyone in the communities suffers from the effects of drugs. Continue reading

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