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Narconon Anniversaries in Italy Provide Opportunity for Gathering of Graduates, Families and Local Citizens

Two Narconon centers, both on the east coast of Italy, celebrated their anniversaries and success within weeks of each other. Coming out for these events were graduates of this long-term drug rehabilitation program and their families plus local officials and … Continue reading

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Narconon Welcomes a New Drug Prevention Group in Liberia

It might not be surprising to find a Narconon drug education and prevention group in Los Angeles or New York, but perhaps it’s a little more unusual to learn that a new group was just established on the West Coast … Continue reading

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Narconon observes UN international day against drug abuse with a release of drug education results

Every year on the 26th of June, Narconon staff and volunteers around the world will once again lend their efforts to support the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. In past years, Narconon representatives have been seen … Continue reading

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In the South of Spain, Narconon Mediterraneo is Joined by Families and Supporters for a Celebration of Drug-free Lives

In early June 2014, the Narconon center in Alcala de Guadaira, near Seville, Spain, staged a celebration of success by inviting graduates, their families, members of the community and local government officials for a dinner and party. For more than … Continue reading

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Narconon International and Chestnut Health Systems Introduce Innovative, Practical Drug Rehab Outcome Monitoring System at National Drug Court Conference

Drug rehabilitation programs around the world have dedicated staff who do their utmost to help their patients recover. But knowing and being able to report the factual outcome of that treatment has long been a stumbling block that can impede … Continue reading

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Narconon Nepal expands delivery with a new Kathmandu Facility

In early May 2014, Narconon executives and staff welcomed a stellar list of national and local dignitaries to the grand opening of their new delivery facility in Kathmandu. In attendance at the Grand Opening were the Deputy Prime Minister and … Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Rehab in Macedonia Celebrates Ten Years Saving Lives

With graduates, friends and neighbors in attendance, Narconon Macedonia staff shared the joy of completing a full decade of saving lives from addiction. This drug rehab center near Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, was founded by Borce Mircevski in April 2004 after … Continue reading

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Narconon Tijuana Expands with New Women’s Center

Since 2012, the Tijuana drug rehabilitation center has been delivering the 8-step life skills Narconon program in residential facilities operated in liaison with the Archdiocese of Tijuana. Continue reading

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Narconon Flanks Marijuana Push Across US with Empirically-tested Drug Education Program

The legalization of marijuana continues its march across the US, with twenty states and the District of Columbia so far approving medical use of the drug. As has been amply covered in the media, two states – Washington and Colorado … Continue reading

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Narconon Brings Urgent Information to Public Attention on Deadly New Drug

This is typical criminal drug manufacturer behavior – twist an illegal drug chemically into a substance that is not yet declared illegal, then sell it to young people who are just looking to have a good time. Continue reading

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