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Narconon Educator Alerts Parents: Marijuana Use is Not Harmless and is Increasing

Perhaps piggybacking on the widespread use of medical marijuana, use by teens has been increasing for the last few years, along with use of  “synthetic marijuana,” prompting a greater need for parents to get involved. The latest Monitoring the Future … Continue reading

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Narconon Commends Recent DEA Strategy – Says Vital Step to Protect Youth and Curtail Drug-Driven Violence in Mexico

The president of Narconon International, Mr. Clark Carr said today that Mexico’s future is very much tied to how effective the US is at curbing the narcotics market across their northern border. “Mexico’s deplorable drug cartel driven death rate is unlikely to abate no matter how much pressure is brought to bear in their own country until the US drug market is aggressively addressed here,” he said. Continue reading

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Narconon International Lauds Hollywood Collaborative’s First Annual “Take Back 420″ Event

Dotted by poster-style messages, “weed or succeed,” and “faded or graduated,” the first annual Pass on 420 event was held at Lemon Grove Park and Recreation Center. The three-hour gathering offered graffiti art and street dance workshops, competitions, treats, raffles and prizes all to steer youth away from locales where pot smokers gather to observe “stoners holiday.” Continue reading

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New Narconon Drug Education video on the Long Term Effects of Weed

Ongoing controversy obscures the truth about the effects of weed, resulting in more and more teens being in favor of use of the drug. Marijuana use information. Continue reading

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