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Narconon Strengthens Parents’ Ability to Protect Children from Hallucinogens with Comprehensive Education Manual

In this new manual covering all the hallucinogens today’s youth may encounter, we not only list the drugs and their effects, we also give parents a step-by-step outline they can follow to cover this subject thoroughly. Continue reading

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Narconon Supports Parents’ Fight Against Synthetic Drugs With Release of Educational Feature

The knowledge of the synthetic drugs’ dangers may not have reached many parents who would like to protect their children. And even if they have found information on synthetics, the scientific nature of the information may have made it hard to explain to their kids what the drugs are like and why they cause such severe problems… Continue reading

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Narconon Tijuana Chosen to Deliver Workshops in Support President Peña Nieto’s Crime Reduction Campaign

After hearing a presentation from Narconon Tijuana executives, the Secretary of Social Development (Sedesol) in Baja California has chosen to fund a multi-workshop schedule to be offered by the Narconon center. These workshops have already proven highly successful not only in helping people recover from addiction, but also in helping people outside centers live crime-free, happier lives. Continue reading

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Watsonville’s National Night Out Event Gives Narconon Vista Bay a Chance to Fight Drug Abuse

At the South County Service Center of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department on Green Valley Road, staff and friends from Narconon Vista Bay residential drug rehab center acted as co-hosts with the Sheriff’s Department. The Narconon volunteers dished up barbecue, supervised the bouncy houses, ran carnival games and provided drug education materials. Continue reading

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Narconon Champions National Prevention Week with a Parent’s Guide to a Safe Summer for Teens

With a steady stream of intense drinking and drug-using movies being released before school vacations, Narconon offers parents a helping hand to keep teen and young adults safe from harm. Continue reading

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Parents Warned to Monitor Teens and Young Adults for “Bath Salts” Possession or Use

Trying to keep up with the changing landscape of illicit drug manufacture and use is a daunting task for a drug education professional, much less a parent. But it is something that must be attempted if children and young adults are to be kept educated and safe from dangerous, even life-threatening drugs. Continue reading

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Narconon Spokesperson Reports on Arizona: Once a Rustic Cowboy Frontier, Now a Drug Cartel Frontier

See how Arizona has been affected by substance abuse. If you need help with drug addiction, call a Narconon drug rehab center near you. Continue reading

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This New Years, Narconon asks: What If Entire Communities Resolved to Help the Addicts in their Midst Seek Sobriety?

Reaching Out to Communities to Help Curtail the Destruction of Out of Control Addiction Tops Narconon’s List of New Year’s Resolutions Continue reading

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Method Enjoys High Scores and High Success

Recently, Narconon took stock of its score according to the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Addiction) 13 principles of addiction treatment to see how the program measures up and reports as follows: “Narconon, because it does incorporate most of the scientifically proven fundamentals of addiction treatment through a deep understanding of addiction, is arguably one of the most effective and successful drug treatment programs in the world,” says Bobby Wiggins, senior drug prevention specialist at Narconon International. “There is one crucial point of departure, however. Narconon means “no drugs.” The program is administered – drug free.” Continue reading

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Seizures of Amphetamine -Type Drugs Rocket around the World, Revealing Proliferation of Production, Sales and Abuse, According to UN

Narconon International President reports that the Narconon drug rehabilitation program helps offset growth in amphetamine-type stimulant abuse by providing addicts a way to recover effectively. Continue reading

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