Projected Release of Convicted Crack Cocaine Offenders Could Be Good News for Broken Families

But “Cocaine Recovery Steps Are Vital” According to Dependency Experts of the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

Tremendous relief has been felt by families following the unanimous decision by the U.S. Sentencing Commission to stipulate reduced sentences for crack cocaine offenders. The decision followed a Congressional move to bring punishment for crack-related offences in line with punishments involving powdered cocaine. In November a potential 12,000 inmates could be released from prison due to the change in a law passed in 1986 that treated crack cocaine offenses 100 times more severely than powdered cocaine offenses. The law was reaction to panic over increased homicides in many inner-cities. Today it is seen as unfairly targeting African Americans, and indeed, 85% of those who will be eligible for release in November are African American.

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