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Alcohol and Valium Kill Another Beloved Public Figure, Reports Narconon

Alcohol and prescription drugs take another life. A famous painter, Thomas Kinkade, was found dead after using drinking alcohol and taking Valium. Overcome drug addiction. Call a Narconon drug rehab counselor today. Continue reading

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Alcohol Poisoning Signs and Prevention

Alcohol poisoning occurs more frequently than some people think. How does a person get alcohol poisoning? What are signs of alcohol poisoning? Sleeping off the effects of alcohol can be deadly. See how. Continue reading

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Parental Concern About Drugs at Raves Is Warranted – Underground or Public – Attendees Are At Risk

The Narconon Drug Education approach has for decades enabled teens to stand up to peer pressure when faced with offers to take drugs. Never has the challenge been greater than today. In addition to teen parties, mini (2000)and mega raves (200,000) often lasting more than 8 hours and even multiple days act like magnets that attract the 18 year-old and older set into packed venues and easy access to drugs. Continue reading

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Important and Timely Warning from Narconon – Don’t Ignore the Darker Side of Holiday “Spirits”

Going home for the Holidays can be a fun time with family, friends, nostalgia, and gifts. Unfortunately it can be a disaster when people forget that even the finest vintage beverage can turn deadly when mixed with driving. Continue reading

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Narconon Rehab Centers Offer a Safe Haven for Seniors to Fill Crucial Need

The holidays are a time when thoughts turn to family – when we gather together hoping to share precious moments and celebrate long-held traditions that bind us and fill us with joy. “At this special time, it is a terrible tragedy when the dignity of those in their elder years is marred by cravings they have no control of,” says Narconon® spokesperson, Bobby Wiggins. “Too many families make a very false assumption that there is nothing they can do for their addicted elder family member, and nothing is further from the truth.” Continue reading

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Narconon Centers Confirm Findings Concerning Drug Abuse and Adolescent Digital Social Experience

Narconon® staff regularly encounter teenage enrollees whose lives have gone awry due to addiction. Enrollments include a steady flow of young people who have fallen into unhealthy patterns of using and abusing drugs and alcohol according to Bobby Wiggins, director of Drug Prevention at Narconon International. Continue reading

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Narconon International Urges U.S. Teens and their Parents to Demand Zero Tolerance of Alcohol as Top Priority for Driver Safety

AS U.S. National Teen Driver Safety Week approaches 16 – 22 October, Narconon International Senior Drug Education Expert, Bobby Wiggins, reminds us that teens are at far greater risk of death in an alcohol-related crash than the overall population. The irony is that allowing teens to purchase or publicly possess alcohol is illegal in all states, making any instance of a teen driving under the influence of alcohol a secondary crime to the original crimeallowing the teen access to alcohol. Continue reading

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Narconon International Supports DUI Checkpoints

Through sobriety checkpoints authorities say they can make it clear there is “no tolerance” for driving under the influence. Continue reading

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The Tragic Death of Amy Winehouse: A Beautiful Artistic Life Shortened by Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Starting in 2003 in the UK, Amy Winehouse began to publish a series of albums that would bring her awards, riches, accolade and millions of fans. But after a few years in the limelight, Amy began also to struggle with cocaine, heroin and alcohol abuse that took her to the edge of illness and self-destruction time after time. Finally, on 23 July 2011, she lost the struggle, with the final condition that caused her demise being undetermined as of a week later. Continue reading

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Narconon International Drug Prevention Reaches Young People With Vital Info About Drugs

Helping Kids Understand What Drugs Are Is Key to Keeping Kids Off Drugs Narconon International publishes the educational booklet, 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs. Presented as a series of “true false” questions based on common confusions … Continue reading

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