Grim Statistics on Repeated Drug Treatment Admissions Reveal Importance of Asking Right Questions before Rehab

The Right Rehab
Narconon International provides a list of essential questions a family should ask to ensure that a loved one’s next rehab is the last one they ever need.

Each year, two million Americans enter drug treatment programs to recover from addiction to substances like alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs or marijuana. Unfortunately, for the majority of these people, this is not the first time they entered rehab. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, six people out of every ten admitted were going back for repeat treatments in 2010. In other words, they had been to treatment before but relapsed after they got out.

When a family member is addicted, the family is usually under terrible stress as they try to find a solution. Each day could bring a disaster, each night could bring a phone call reporting the addicted person’s arrest or overdose. It is hard for families to know where to start in choosing the best rehab for their situation. They may feel forced to settle for the closest or cheapest rehab or one their neighbor told them about.

To help families through this difficult time, Narconon International has compiled ten of key questions to ask before trusting a rehab with a loved one’s future. Based on Narconon’s forty-seven years of helping people recover from addiction, these questions help educate a family so they can make a more informed choice about rehab. By asking these questions before committing to a rehab program, a family can be more certain that it is compatible with their needs and beliefs.

“We’re offering this free advice to any family who is seeking recovery for a loved one,” stated Clark Carr, president of Narconon International. “We understand how confusing it is to try to understand all the different types of recovery programs that are available. This list of ten questions can enable a family to work through the choices and decisions with more certainty. We hope this will help families in crisis.”

See the 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing A Drug Rehab

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