2011 Part 5

Narconon Helps America Celebrate Recovery Month

Recovery Month Support

It’s ironic that most addicts think they are hurting only themselves. But in reality, they hurt their families, their friends, employers, and communities, if not more. In September 2011, Narconon International president Clark Carr expressed his support of National Recovery Month, established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. He made a comparison of the costs of addiction that are borne by every American and how those hundreds of billions of dollars per year could go to better projects if addiction were reduced.

Narconon Endorses DUI Checkpoints to Save Lives

Over the Labor Day Weekend, more law enforcement officers were out than usual, running DUI checkpoints. Bobby Wiggins of Narconon International endorsed this action along with others that help keep intoxicated drivers off the road. Especially over long holiday weekends, drivers who have been drinking contribute to a higher number of traffic deaths – nearly 30 per day, all year around.

Reduce Drug Trafficking and Abuse and You Reduce Drug Violence as Well

Drug Cartel

In August 2011, tragedy struck in Monterrey, Mexico. Drug cartel gunmen ran into a casino and told the patrons to clear out. They then set fire to the casino, but many people were trapped and died. Over a five year period, the illicit drug industry in Mexico has resulted in 40,000 deaths. If more people could be steered clear of drugs, there would be less demand, less trafficking, fewer deaths.

Narconon Vows to Fight Addiction Anywhere it’s Needed – Helps Twelve Steps in Mexico

In his fight to end addiction and drug deaths wherever they occur, Narconon president Clark Carr has extended a helping hand to Christian Twelve Step programs in Mexico. By September 2011, more than 120 rehab centers were using the Narconon First Step technology. The simple methods of the First Step program enable these rehab programs to ease a person off drugs in a more tolerable manner, and then helps them get oriented to their new sober life. Thus he is better prepared to approach his Twelve Steps in a responsible, methodical fashion.

Millions Lose Lives Each Year Due to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The World Health Organization and the United Nations report each year on drug and alcohol abuse and the lives it takes. In 2011, the reports were grim. More than two million people died in 2011 because of drug or alcohol abuse. In the US, more than 100,000 people lost their lives while 22.5 million are estimated to be addicted. Narconon centers continue to expand drug rehab and prevention services to meet the need.

Narconon Educators Warn about Bath Salts

Bath Salt Use

A newly-arrived drug presented new dangers to young people who might think it was both legal and harmless. But this drug, “Bath Salts,” is anything but harmless. It is a synthetic drug created just for the illicit drug market. Its packages identify it as Bath Salts to evade law enforcement controls. But hallucinations, panic attacks and violence have been associated with the use of bath salts. Drug educator Bobby Wiggins warned young people to stay away, for their health and safety. He also observed that illicit drug manufacturers try to stay ahead of law enforcement by just changing their formulas slightly and giving the new drug a new name that is not covered by laws.

Parents Urged to Take Steps to Protect Children

While a new report out of Texas made it all too real that Americans are being targeted by drug cartels, drug prevention specialist Bobby Wiggins urged parents to take definite and thorough action to educate their children. After three decades of experience providing drug prevention services, Mr. Wiggins suggest that parents inform children that all popularly-abused prescription drugs are addictive, mixing drugs can easily result in death, and just “drinking a little” or “smoking a little weed” can either lead to addiction to these drugs or to stronger ones. By taking up these tough topics, parents can help protect their children.

National Teen Driver Safety Week Spurs Reminders to Prevent Teen Drunk Driving

When teens drink and drive, they run a much higher risk of having an alcohol-related crash than adults do. Bobby Wiggins, longtime Narconon drug prevention specialist, encouraged parents to set a Zero-Tolerance policy regarding drinking and driving. Some parents tolerate underage drinking – perhaps limiting their permission to private parties only. These parents risk learning that their child died on the drive home, either because he or she had been drinking and driving or because someone else had.

Social Media Use Contributes to Poor Drug Rehab in Teens

Social Media Influence

When teens are trying to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol, their use of social media can make it hard for them to recover from drugs. If they have any friends who drink or use drugs, they are likely to run into pictures of drinking parties or drug abuse on Facebook or MySpace, tending to trigger cravings for drugs. A study from the National Center on Addiction and Drug Abuse at Columbia University released these findings and emphasized the importance of parents being alert to children’s exposure to substance abuse by others.

Narconon Centers Rally Around Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week in late October each year is a chance for communities to spread an anti-drug message among their populations In Northern and Southern California, Narconon centers recognized those who had taken up the work of supporting sobriety, like Tony Bylsma, a drug prevention specialist who has educated tens of thousands of children about drug abuse. The South Texas Narconon center provided drug education for more than four thousands children and parents in celebration of Red Ribbon Week.

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