2011 Part 3

Annual Study Shows Risks Taken by Youth Abusing Drugs

Buying Drugs

Every year the Partnership at publishes a study of the drug abuse habits of American youth. When the 2011 report was published, it revealed that youth were all too willing to abuse drugs they thought harmless: alcohol, Ecstasy and marijuana. Recent statistics showed that use of Ecstasy and marijuana increased and alcohol abuse stayed high. In better news, use of dangerously addictive drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin was largely opposed by youth. Narconon drug prevention specialist Bobby Wiggins praised the report’s findings and promised to continue to fight substance abuse with education.

Anti-420 Event Promotes Having Fun Without Need to get High

As a response to those who promote marijuana and other drug abuse through “420” events, an “anti-420” event was held at the Lemon Grove Park and Recreation Center. The date April 20 and the time 4:20 pm have been chosen to celebrate the use of marijuana. As the popularity of this annual event grew, the drug use related to these celebrations also escalated. As a way of countering this pro-drug message, performers, law enforcement officials and city council members worked with Narconon staff to promote the opposite message, that life is better when it’s drug free.

Narconon Helps Addicts who Struggle with Cravings

Alcohol Cravings

The downfall of many people who are addicted to a drug or alcohol and who wish to be drug-free is intense cravings. These cravings may be so strong that they compel a person to once again drink or use drugs, even when they have managed to get clean. Thus a person may relapse again and again, despite every reason in the world to stay sober. Bobby Wiggins, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist, noted that talented performer Whitney Houston was attempting a comeback after losing much of her career to cocaine addiction. (Sadly, the next year would see Ms. Houston losing her life in an accident that may have had much to do with damage from her addiction.)

Youth Can Learn About the Lasting Effects of Marijuana in One Minute Video

For decades, Bobby Wiggins has been Narconon International’s Drug Prevention Specialist. As such, he has educated hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, on the harm that drug abuse does. Now he has made a one-minute video available on YouTube that educates the young on how long THC, the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana, stays in a person’s body. With this information, young people can make better choices.

Narconon Taiwan Celebrates Ten Years of Saving Lives

Narconon Taiwan Celebration

There have long been Narconon drug rehab centers in the United States and across Europe, but until ten years ago, there wasn’t one in Taiwan. In that country, many people lost the happiness in their lives due to methamphetamine or heroin abuse. Then Hestia Lin found Narconon and knew she had found a way to help. She established a Narconon center first in quarters shared with a Buddhist temple, and then in a rural property on the opposite side of this small island. Now, ten years later, hundreds of addicted people have reclaimed their sobriety, and hundreds of thousand of children and teachers have learned about the harm drugs can do. Narconon Taiwan’s tenth anniversary celebration was attended by many members of the community and the local mayor.

Narconon President Expresses Agreement with Humanitarian Objectives of the Global Commission on Drug Policy but Disagrees with Some Principles

In early June 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy released recommendations on how government should fight drug problems. Narconon International president Clark Carr endorsed many of these recommendations, such as the challenge to replace criminalization of drugs with rehabilitation. But he vigorously disagreed with the recommended policy of using “maintenance programs” and “heroin-assisted treatment” to deal with addiction, as these programs maintain people on methadone or pharmaceutical-grade heroin. His experience has shown that people are able to fully recover from addiction when the program they are offered is effective, as happens when people chose the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

Narconon International Helps Keep Kids off Drugs by Publishing Simple Educational Materials

In its forty-five year history, Narconon has found that lack of understanding about drugs and their dangers can easily lead to the beginnings of substance abuse. When a young person understands how drugs can be damaging, he or she will make smarter decisions. To help young people make those smart decisions, Narconon International has long published the simple drug education booklet 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs. The simple truth about drugs is explained here – that drugs are basically poisons that can kill when the dosage is high enough. When the truth is broadly known, more young people will stay safe.

Don’t Just Invest in Police, Invest Also in Drug Rehab, Narconon Recommends

Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist Bobby Wiggins went on the record as recommending more funding for drug rehabs as a way to cut overall city costs. He cited statistical reports that showed the more drugs were abused, the more serious the crime problem became. With the use of Narconon drug prevention classes and effective rehabilitation as is offered in Narconon rehabilitation facilities, these numbers can be reduced, resulting in lower city and state budgets for law enforcement and incarceration.

Major Event that Promotes Drug Use Scheduled for Same Day as UN Anti-Drug Day

Drug Use Vs Anti-Drug Use

For as long as the Electric Daisy Festival, an electronic music event, has been held, it has been accompanied by high levels of drug use by attendees. Past events in the Los Angeles and a more recent event in Denver saw injuries and even some deaths related to drug abuse at the events. The 2011 event was moved to Las Vegas and scheduled for the same day as the United Nations Day Against Drug Use and Illicit Drug Trafficking. Compounding the insult, weather temperatures were expected to be over 100 degrees. Since Ecstasy is a primary drug used at this event and it causes overheating, there was an increased danger of organ breakdown and death. Narconon spokesperson pointed out that there is a Narconon drug rehab center only 120 miles from Las Vegas.

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