2011 Part 2

Now, Three Minutes is All it Takes to Learn the Dangers of Marijuana Abuse

Effects of Weed Video

A new video offered by Narconon International made it easier than ever before to learn about the problems that can result from marijuana abuse. If you listen to your friends or the media, you may hear such mixed messages that you may not know what is right. Bobby Wiggins, long-time drug prevention specialist and spokesperson for Narconon International, prepared a three-minute video that goes right to the heart of the matter, explaining what can go wrong when weed is smoked. This lesson takes on great importance when it is considered that nearly half of all graduating seniors in high school have used this drug.

How Hurricanes and Substance Abuse are Connected

When a hurricane tears through a populated area, the residents suffer greatly in terms of destruction to homes, businesses and infrastructure. But it is less understood that this traumatic event can be connected to increased drug or alcohol abuse. When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused widespread devastation, Tom Steiner knew he had to help the residents in the area get their lives back. He founded a new Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This new Narconon center has been successfully helping people recover their sobriety since their opening in 2006.

Could a “Gateway” Drug Have Opened the Door to Murder and Attempted Assassination

Smoking Weed

After the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords and the murder of six others, law enforcement investigation showed that the shooter Jared Lee Loughner had hung with a high school crowd that smoked marijuana daily. Experience in other cases has shown that marijuana can cause hallucinations and disinhibition – which means that the usual restraint from doing harmful acts may be eliminated. Bobby Wiggins, spokesperson for Narconon International commented on the fact that some parents may not see use of marijuana as a problem. Mr. Wiggins noted that sobriety provides the only safety.

How an Afghan Blight Results in Illness to Heroin Users Elsewhere

In 2010, a fungus attacked Afghanistan’s poppy crop, reducing the output of opium resin by as much as half. In response to the lessening of heroin shipments to the UK, dealers began to cut the heroin with undetectable substances such as caffeine, mild pain medication, sleeping medications or even talcum powder. Heroin users began to get sick and four users even died after a normal dosage of what they thought was heroin. It turned out that their heroin was laced with sedatives. Narconon Hastings in the UK was established to help those in that area recover from addiction in a beautiful coastal setting.

Narconon Spokesperson Announces Increasing Insurance Benefits to Those Who Need Addiction Recovery

In early 2011, there were reforms instituted to US health insurance benefits that mean that those who are addicted can get help in more cases. Bobby Wiggins, longtime spokesperson for Narconon International, announced that these changes would make it possible for more people to obtain effective help from Narconon addiction rehab centers around the country. Thus more lives can be saved.

Adolescents Suffer from Mixed Messages on Drug Use

Teen Drug Use

For decades, Narconon graduates and centers have spread the word on how much better life is when it is lived sober. But they are in competition with social media and news services that distribute stories about celebrities that use drugs and seem to suffer no harm. In early 2011, a video of young celeb Miley Cyrus smoking salvia divinorum, a hallucinogen, was broadly distributed through YouTube. Use of the drug that is still not illegal in many areas increased greatly after this video hit the internet. Narconon International announced its intention to continue to fight substance abuse among all ages.

Major Rave Event and its Associated Drug Abuse is Moved Out of California

After public outcry and investigations by media, the Los Angeles Coliseum and Sports Arena were compelled to deny access to their venues to promoters of music festivals and rave events. Experience had shown that these events were tailored to the tastes of those who want to abuse Ecstasy and similar drugs. These events and their 100,000 or more attendees were forced to move to Nevada. Narconon spokesperson Bobby Wiggins applauded this and other actions taking place as steps in the direction of protecting the young.

Smaller Businesses Are Key Players in Curtailing Substance Abuse

It’s more common for large corporations and businesses to have systems set up to detect and deal with drug abuse among their staff. And as a result, those who may have lost jobs at large companies due to substance abuse are likely to take their job hunt to smaller companies. If these smaller companies institute drug-free workplace policies and procedures, this is likely to catch those who would otherwise fall through the cracks. This could save American businesses as much as $100 billion per year. Narconon executives and staff applauded this plan and some were already helping companies institute these systems.

Celebrities May Still be Susceptible to Cocaine, Despite All Evidence of Harm

Cocaine Use

Narconon Spokesperson Bobby Wiggins pointed out multiple celebrity careers that had been harmed by cocaine use as a way of focusing on the drug’s dangerous effects. Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and celebrity violinist Eugene Fodor were used as illustrations. Mr. Wiggins pointed out that cocaine can seem to provide a solution to the intense pressures of celebrity but it betrays the user with addiction, heart damage, paranoia, physical and emotional collapse and other harm. The Narconon drug recovery program provides the services that can help rehabilitate a person physical and mentally.

“Designer Drugs” Increase the Threat Posed by Illicit Drugs

As if the world did not have enough problem with the customary illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana. New “designer drugs” like mephedrone, Spice and bath salts are promoted as being legal substances that mimic the effects of well known drugs. A designer drug is one that is designed specifically for this purpose by an unscrupulous chemist. By shifting the formula slightly, a chemist may be able to evade law enforcement efforts to shut him down.

What is omitted from the message is that these substances are addictive and can be fatal. Some drugs drove users to violent acts that resulted in their deaths and some can simply cause death directly. Once again, Narconon spokesperson Bobby Wiggins used this opportunity to promote the safety of sobriety.

“420” Events Carry Wrong Message to Youth

Among drug users, the term “420” carries special significance. For years, there were informal gatherings around the US that extolled the use of marijuana and the flouting of anti-marijuana laws. The use of the term “420” evolved from an obscure beginning, the efforts of several youth to find an abandoned marijuana farm, meeting at 420 PM to start their daily searches. In later years, the date April 20th and the time 420 PM became the time to openly smoke marijuana. As 420 events grew, more people were put at risk due to the drug abuse expected at these events. Narconon drug prevention specialist Bobby Wiggins warned against being taken in by these messages.

Title: 2011 Part 2

Description: Here is a recap throughout 2011 for Narconon’s involvement in helping to bring drug awareness to the community and also to help addicts get off drugs and start a new life without drugs.

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