Actor’s Rant Illustrates Alcohol’s Damage

Alcohol Abuse Effects

Recorded messages from actor Mel Gibson provided an accurate look at the kind of damage alcohol abuse can have. In voicemail messages that were broadly distributed by news media, Mr. Gibson made threats and offensive racial comments. Narconon president Clark Carr observed how this kind of behavior can come from anyone who has damaged his ability to think clearly and logically, due to alcohol abuse. Fortunately, Mr. Carr was able to offer recovery help through the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Mexican Youth Being Turned to a Life of Crime and Addiction

Narconon president Clark Carr added his comments to a report from Associated Press on the way underage individuals in Mexico were being recruited by drug cartels. He noted that youth are a prime target for cartels as they can move freely through society and may be attracted to the idea of the wealth and power they could achieve. But these youth may also wind up addicted to the drugs the cartels are distributing. Mr. Carr reported on the way the Narconon First Step Program has been able to help addicts in Mexico free themselves from drug addiction and the use of the booklet The Way to Happiness in Mexico to help turn the tide.

Narconon Helps Undercut Drug Cartel Violence

Drug Cartel

In Mexico, news services reported a possible ceasefire between warring drug cartels, especially in Sinaloa and Guerrero states. But a ceasefire does little to handle the real problem. While fewer people will be caught in the crossfire, the same number of people will become addicted or lose their lives due to drug abuse, both in Mexico and in the main destination for these drugs, America. Narconon president Clark Carr recommended the elimination of the desire to use drugs through the highly effective Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

Acapulco Loses its Glitter Due to Cartel Violence

While it was once a playground for movie stars, now Acapulco suffers from a lack of tourism and an increase in drug cartel violence. Acapulco is reported to sit on a coastal drug trafficking route being fought over by two competing cartels. Local residents live with the fear that there could be more bodies in public places and that they themselves could be caught in the violence. As before, Narconon president Clark Carr points out how effective rehabilitation is a solution that eliminates the demand for drugs that is driving the violence.

Why Should Staten Island Lead New York City Statistics for Opiate Use?

A recent analysis of opiate pain medication prescriptions for New York City boroughs showed that Staten Island residents were receiving far more than their share. In 2009, there was one prescription written per 2.5 residents. That was three times as many as Queens and twice as many as Manhattan. Adding to this level of prescribing were pharmacy break-ins and illicit distributing of these drugs. At Narconon centers across the US, the trend was going in the opposite direction, as thousands of people were recovering from addiction and regaining the ability to think clearly and soberly.

Father’s Tragedy Illustrates the Way Drug Addiction Can Steal the Ones we Love

Father and Son

In Florida, a father fought long and hard to save his son from addiction, enlisting the help of prescribing doctors and pharmacists in keeping drugs away from his son. In the end, his son overdosed on opiates and was found dead in his own bed. Narconon spokesperson Bobby Wiggins commented on the necessity to eliminate the cravings for drugs when you are striving to save someone’s life. In its forty-five year history, the Narconon program has proven effective in ending cravings for addictive drugs.

Eliminating Addiction in Young Women Saves Babies from Addiction

It’s a tragic fact that when a pregnant woman abuses addictive drugs, her baby also abuses those drugs. Some pregnant women manage to get clean during pregnancy, but for some, it is impossible. They may use methadone as a substitute drug but this still causes addiction in the newborn. Bobbie Wiggins pointed out how any time a woman of child-bearing age is addicted, it is vital to get her into an effective drug rehabilitation program like the one offered by Narconon centers around the world.

Nursing Mothers Must Still Stay Off Addictive Drugs to Protect Babies

Many people know that a pregnant woman must stay off addictive drugs to protect her baby, but some may not know that nursing presents a similar danger. In Michigan, a woman found out the tragic way that cocaine is passed along to her baby through breast milk. Her baby died of cocaine intoxication. Three other women have been jailed when they killed their babies due to their methamphetamine abuse. When these mothers can be helped to recover from addiction and cravings with a program like the one at Narconon centers, then babies can grow up healthy and happy.

Martin Luther King Day in Los Angeles Offers Opportunity to Celebrate Sobriety

MLK Day in Los Angeles brought together various organizations that all contribute to the goal of young people being able to grow up sober and free from criminal activity. Marching together in the MLK Day parade were three Narconon organizations, the National Alliance of Faith and Justice and the Southern California Foster Care Mentoring Network, among other groups. These groups commented on the way their activities complemented each other. When young people avoid drug abuse, they also can to stay out of jail and achieve worthwhile personal goals.

Arizona Suffers from Drug Trafficking, Kidnapping and Violence

Drug Violence

As drug trafficking patterns shift, new US cities and citizens may experience higher levels of violence and other problems. When new drug trafficking channels were developed in Arizona, citizens as far north as Phoenix were suffering from related problems. In Phoenix, kidnappings reached a new high level of one per day. Only Mexico City had more kidnappings. This change is consistent with the methods used by traffickers to pursue their business. The use of effective drug rehab to help eliminate this threat was recommended by Narconon International.

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