2010 Part 2

Polydrug Use in UK Complicates Recovery, But Narconon is Equal to the Job

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In the UK, high levels of cannabis, opiate and cocaine use exist. While hundreds of thousands get treatment each year, the problem does not seem to get better. Many of the addicts seeking treatment are going for the second, third or more time. When polydrug use is the norm, as it is for so many of the UK drug abusers and addicts, it can be more difficult to get clean. If a person has a hard time getting one drug, they will just turn to one of the others. Plus substitution therapy (such as giving methadone for heroin addiction) can’t touch this type of addiction as it only treats one facet of it. But the Narconon program in the UK has proven to be equal to the task of bringing about sobriety. Over a forty year history, the unique protocol provides sobriety for seven out of ten who seek help at a Narconon center.

Summer Means More Drug Use for Children and More Drug Education Help for Parents

Normally, as each summer rolls around, Narconon reaches out to parents with information on ways to detect drug use in their children and advice on how they can keep them busy and safe from drugs over the vacation from school. In July 2010, Narconon offered a free downloadable booklet on its website, “Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.” This simple booklet dispels the false ideas that young people may have about drugs, helping to keep them safer from substance abuse and addiction.

Each Corner of America Has its Own Drug Abuse Profile

In California, fairly vast amounts of marijuana are being consumed, an estimated 16 million ounces each year. Baltimore is inundated with heroin and Kentuckians abuse a high quantity of prescription opiates. Narconon centers are located in thirteen US states and in dozens of other countries. The long-term program that is residential in most locations has a great history of helping addicts recover the things they have lost, like jobs, families and personal integrity.

Drugs, Workplace Productivity and Narconon

Workplace Drug Use

National surveys have proven that 70% of those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are also employed. This means that millions of the American workforce is impaired much or all the time they are at work. Workplace drug testing confirms this fact, and also shows that abuse of opiate pain medication has been climbing steeply in the last year. Employers can be effective in helping their employees deal with an addiction. They can refer the employee to a drug rehab as a condition of retaining their employment, if the substance abuse resulted in damage to their ability to perform on the job. After all, surveys show that this lost productivity costs employers $197 billion a year. When an employer chooses Narconon drug rehab programs for recovery, they stand a 70% chance of getting that employee back, sober for the long term.

Teens’ Opinions: “Prescription Drugs are Safer to Abuse than Street Drugs”

According to one national survey, 40% of teens think that it is safer to abuse a prescription drug than a street drug. One in three thinks that prescription pain relievers are not addictive. As a result, more three million youth abuse prescription drugs each year. Therefore, the number of young people in America who arrive at the emergency room with resulting problems keeps going up sharply. After all, nearly two out of three youth think it is easy to lay their hands on these drugs. Narconon drug rehab programs have shown how they can help these young people recover sobriety after abuse of these drugs.

Drugs or Alcohol Can Make Holiday Roads Dangerous Places

It’s just customary that more people than usual drink or indulge in drug use over the holidays. If these people then drive, that drugs or alcohol can contribute to the higher number of auto accidents that occur during this season. Despite this common sense fact, surveys of young people showed that 12% admitted that they drove after smoking marijuana – in just the two weeks before the survey was done! Simulator and road experiments have shown that marijuana impairs a driver’s quickness and perceptions. Narconon continues to spread the word of the dangers of drug abuse to help save the lives of those by getting them to give the matter a second thought before they get behind the wheel.

More Children Addicted or Going to Foster Care Due to Drugs

Workplace Drug Use

In December 2010, it was determined that three-quarters of those children entering foster care had a substance abusing or addicted caretaker. Hundreds of thousands more are born addicted and must suffer through withdrawal. When a woman of child-bearing age recovers her sobriety by going through an effective drug rehab, the baby she might have after getting sober avoids the pain and suffering of addiction. Her children are much more likely to be well cared for if she is sober. You can help the next generation by getting women into a Narconon program today.

UK Moves Away from Addiction Maintenance and Toward True Recovery

With hundreds of thousands of heroin and crack cocaine addicts, it was a good time for the Home Office Minister to place greater responsibility on the addicted person to find true recovery, not maintenance on methadone or buprenorphine. New policies issued by the Home Office suggest that lawmakers not endorse maintenance treatment programs. In France, government offices realize the dangers of methadone hitting the streets. Narconon always aims at 100% lasting sobriety in its holistic program and seven out of ten graduates achieve this aim.

American Women Serving More Time for Drug Offenses

Women Drug Use Arrest

As incredible as it seems, the number of American women incarcerated for drug offenses increased nearly 900% over thirteen years. Women incarcerated for other charges did not rise nearly as much. Some jails try to rehabilitate their inmates, but the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers located across America have an excellent track record of replacing addiction and cravings with sobriety.

Friends of Narconon and Say No to Drugs Holiday Race are Natural Partners

In early December 2010, more than 3000 runners took part in the annual Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic race that was held for the tenth year in a row. This was a chance for the Friends of Narconon to support the anti-drug message of the race by handing out anti-drug materials and by bringing attention to those participants who had beaten their drug or alcohol problems from the past. The entire purpose of this race is to popularize the sobriety that makes life enjoyable and productive. The event was attended by and acknowledged by the Mayor of Los Angeles, a City Councilman, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Burbank Mayor and other officials.

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