Intercultural Cooperation for Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King California Banner

In Long Beach, California, several organizations have joined forces to bring together Latino and Black youth to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Groups like Narconon International, The Positive Art of Hip Hop and the National Alliance of Faith and Justice found that they had something definitely in common when they worked together on this event. They arranged for youth to be collected from Los Angeles, Inglewood, Carson and several other cities to march in the Long Beach parade for Dr. King and spread a message of peace.

Narconon Helps Calm Drug-Related Violence in Mexico

After several years of violence related to the drug trade in Mexico, the deaths, assaults and fear showed no signs of lessening. A CNN story in May 2010 stated that 900 people in Juarez alone had died due to this violent activity. To help calm these waters, Narconon president Clark Carr has traveled repeatedly to Mexico to provide rehabs South of the Border with effective methods of improving drug rehab results. These rehabs have learned to use the Narconon First Step Program to help a person make it through withdrawal tolerably and then begin to regain their life skills. He also arranged for tens of thousands of The Way to Happiness booklets to be distributed wherever he went. This simple booklet, used as part of the Narconon drug rehab program, has an excellent track record of calming situations wherever it is distributed.

In the UK and Abroad, Methadone Does Not Provide Sobriety but Narconon Does

No Methadone

When a person in the UK becomes addicted to opiate painkillers or heroin, the usual practice is for them to see their doctor who will put them on a dosage of methadone and send them to a community detox. Few people have the chance to get around-the-clock care at an inpatient rehab facility, according to the National Health Service and even if they do, they are likely to be put on methadone. The residential Narconon program that is being offered in Hastings on the coast of England has shown for more than four decades that it can and does bring about this sobriety in 70% of the cases it graduates.

Narconon President Tours Mexico a Fourth Time to Fight Drug Abuse and Violence

While the drug war in Mexico seems to drag on and on, Narconon president Clark Carr found that he could do something about it. For the fourth time, he traveled to Sonora and Michoacan to educate drug rehab personnel on ways they can help people recover from addiction. In Michoacan, Mr. Carr had the opportunity to provide classes for street children who were being rehabilitated after they became addicted to inhalants. “Bless Narconon for coming,” said the director of the children’s rehab.

Narconon Supporters Fight Heroin Abuse on Two Continents

While Russia struggles with heroin addiction among its citizens, Narconon supporters know how they can help. Natalya Ezhova, a Narconon graduate, was able to make her success known through RT News. Once she got drug-free herself, she stayed on at the Narconon center near Moscow to help others. And in New York, Narconon drug education specialists had the opportunity to provide drug education to those visiting the Drug Enforcement Administration’s educational museum.

FIFA World Cup Provides Opportunity for More Drug Education

South Africa Drug Education

As billions of people prepared to watch the FIFA World Cup being held in South Africa, some were concerned that the event would draw drug traffickers as well as enthusiasts. One Narconon drug education specialist from Cape Town helped allay those fears by contributing to a special World Cup insert for children. The special Narconon drug education section of this insert was titled “Get the Truth About Drugs.”

Again in 2010, Narconon Staff Support the UN Day Against Drugs

As they do every year, on June 26th, Narconon staff showed their support for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime by holding public events featuring the UN International Day Against Drugs. Ghana had a March through the town with high school students having a chance to dance in the street. In Nepal. The director of Narconon Nepal provided 90 civil servants and police with a drug awareness seminar, followed by a student march. In Mexico and Italy, Narconon supporters held public events and Colombia police distributed Narconon anti-drug materials in the park north of Bogota. In Nevada, South Texas and Cape Town in South Africa, children were instructed on anti-drug principles and were invited to sign drug-free pledges.

Directors of Sinaloa Drug Rehabs Join Together to Improve Local Conditions

Children Marching UN Day

In July 2010, citizens in Sinaloa were deeply concerned about the narcotics trafficking taking place in their state. The streets were being patrolled by armed men in Jeeps. Murders and vendettas were the order of the day. But this day, directors of Sinaloa drug rehab centers joined with other Narconon enthusiasts to show their support. They marched in a parade that displayed the banner of The Way to Happiness booklet used as part of the Narconon drug rehab program. Along the way, they handed out copies of the booklet along the route. In all, tens of thousands of copies of The Way to Happiness have been handed out in this region of Mexico.

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