Narconon 2009 Recap

Narconon Executive Directors Gather to Reinforce Successful Actions

Each April, directors of Narconon centers around the world meet to share their experiences and successes. Some with notable achievements are recognized for these contributions. At the 2009 gathering, there was a focus on reducing the violence in Mexico and other spots in Latin America, particularly Juarez. Two Narconon staff had traveled the streets of Juarez to provide anti-drug seminars to youth, teachers and military members. These staff were commended for their courageous actions taken despite the recommendations of others to not travel into Juarez due to the drug trafficking violence taking place in the city.

Narconon International Celebrates the Life and Accomplishments of Founder Willie Benitez

First Narconon Residential Drug Rehabilitation

In 1966, the very first Narconon services were delivered inside the Arizona State Prison by William “Willie” Benitez after he discovered the self-improvement books of author L. Ron Hubbard. In a show of courage and determination, Benitez worked relentlessly for the chance to teach other inmates what he had learned about increasing his own abilities as a way of overcoming addiction. After release from the prison, Benitez traveled to Los Angeles and established the first residential Narconon facility.

When Benitez found Mr. Hubbard’s works, he realized that he didn’t have to agree with the prevailing opinion of the time: once an addict, always an addict. He taught others that they were not powerless against addiction either. This philosophy resulted in a 75% success rate in the early days of the Narconon program. Benitez was also involved in presenting drug education classes to young people. In April 2009, a long-lost recording of Benitez delivering a drug education lecture was found among the Narconon archives, providing a look at some of the earliest drug prevention activities by Narconon.

Narconon Releases Stories on its Four Decades of Community Interaction to Prevent Addiction

There are two lines of attack when you are trying to drive addiction out of this world. You must provide those who are addicted with a way to return to stable sobriety and you must help those not yet addicted to decide not to use drugs or alcohol. In mid-May 2009, Narconon International released a booklet with stories from their four decades of prevention efforts. This booklet covered drug education presentations in Latin America, Quebec, Nepal and California, India, China, Iran and other locations. In all, hundreds of thousands of people, mostly of them children, were reached with these lessons.

Nepali Director of Narconon Center Helps Nepalese Parents in UK Prevent Addiction

Nepal Drug Rehab

Around the turn of the new millennium, the UK was seeing a surge in immigrations from Nepal. But some of those transplanted citizens brought addiction problems with them and others found new substance abuse problems in these new lands. Basanta Raj Kunwar, director of a Narconon drug rehab in Nepal, traveled to the UK to help Nepalese parents detect and fight addiction among their family members. In just over a week, he reached more than 3,000 people in person and half a million by television. After his presentations, several parents contacted him to tell him that they were able to detect drug abuse in their families. Kunwar recommended the Narconon centers in England, Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands for anyone who was not able to stop abusing drugs.

Narconon Teaches Rehabilitation Directors in Mexico Effective Techniques to Improve Recovery Results

May 2009 brought the innovative Narconon rehabilitation techniques to two Mexican rehabilitation centers. The two centers, named La Loma and La Viente de Noviembre, have been delivering addiction rehab to more than 100 recovery addicts at a time. Now they have additional tools to help their clients find lasting recovery.

Included in the training sessions provided by Narconon were the teachings included in the non-denominational common sense moral code The Way to Happiness. This slim volume has been used in 150 Narconon rehabilitation and prevention organizations to support recovery and help prevent the start of drug abuse.

Mr. Clark Carr Comments on Rehab Center Killings in Mexico

At the end of May 2009, five people seeking recovery from drug addiction in Juarez, Mexico – just across the border from El Paso, Texas -Êwere gunned down by assasins from one of the Mexican drug cartels. Mr. Carr commended those working in drug rehabs in Mexico for their courage and persistence in one most difficult environments in which to deliver addiction services. The Narconon program is available in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Georgia. The South Texas facility has the ability to deliver this program in Spanish for the many Hispanic immigrants in the area.

President of Narconon International Reveals Potential Savings if Effective Drug Rehabs Were Used

Narconon President Clark Carr

In June 2009, Clark Carr of Narconon International revealed that the use of the effective Narconon program could have saved federal, state and local governments nearly $1.5 billion, just as a start. This figure is based on the amount spent by the average addict on drugs multiplied by the number of sober graduates created by Narconon since 1990. To find the full amount that would be saved would require the addition of all arrest, incarceration, treatment and social services costs that result from drug abuse and related crime, domestic and child abuse and health services. Mr. Carr’s estimate echoed the calculations of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University in their annual report, Shoveling Up II: The Impact of Substance Abuse on Federal, State and Local Budgets. In his final comments, Mr. Carr noted that recent addicts admitted to Los Angeles emergency rooms had been to between one and six earlier rehab centers to recover from their addictions. This revolving door of drug rehab could end if the Narconon program were used to create lasting sobriety.

Narconon Alfiere Saves Lives for Fifteen Years

Narconon Alfiere Drug Rehab

The Narconon center on the east coast of Italy, Narconon Alfiere, celebrated fifteen years of service to that area. For a decade and a half, those who had lost their happiness to drugs or alcohol have been able to recover lasting sobriety through this long-term rehab program that includes an intensive sauna-based detoxification to alleviate cravings.

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