New Narconon ‘First Step’ techniques help Mexican rehab centers achieve cheaper, more effective drug withdrawal

Mazatlan drug rehabilitation in MexicoMazatlan, Mexico – The Narconon® ‘First Step’ is the name for simple, yet powerfully effective drug-free techniques that help drug addicts help one another come off drugs without pain and misery and stay off drugs with less relapse. Stressed, over-packed drug rehab centers of Mexico are facing a continuing methamphetamine and heroin crisis. Addicts show up at their doors daily asking for help, food and shelter, but are terrified of the withdrawal symptoms they will go through.

Expensive centers give hand-fuls of pills, one for each symptom, with more to handle side effects. In poorer centers (the majority) addicts suffer through cold turkey. Heroin addicts will wrap their hands in rags so they don’t ‘hurt themselves,’ one told Narconon staff. Without expensive, if addictive medications, what could staff do? A lot. In a recent workshop, Narconon International demonstrated techniques to ease pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and keep spirits up throughout withdrawal. Vitamins? Minerals? Communication exercises? Pointing things out and touching them? Could such easily instructable methods really get someone off drugs and help him stay off?

Yes, says Francisco Lozano Torres, director of a 100-bed center in Mazatlan. Francisco himself came off heroin many years ago in the worst case scenario – in a Mexican prison. But Ensenada prison had a Narconon program running at the time, inmates helping inmates. Francisco made it and is still drug-free. “What worked for me,” he says, “can work as well in any rehab outside. Since Narconon is happy to share this with our center, the least we can do is share it with others.” So he is leading a team of staff several times a week out to demonstrate the new techniques to other rehabs.

Dr. Antonio Avila, a Mazatlan MD with 14 years experience in drug rehabilitation, also attended the workshop. “With pharmaceuticals, the remedy worsens the disease,” he said. “These Narconon nutrient formulations, including Calcium, Magnesium, etc., are cheaper, simpler. The addict’s body doesn’t need chemical crutches. I am excited about the potential for these Narconon techniques.”

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Photo caption: working at children at a Mazatlan rehab center.

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