Narconon Colombia and City Hall against drugs

It’s official: The eighteenth of each month will be dedicated to the prevention of drug abuse in Colombia.
On June 10, 2013 at the Narconon Colombia rehab center, a cooperation agreement was officially signed between the Mayor of the City of El Colegio Municipality and Narconon Colombia. The Mayor and executives of Narconon Colombia agreed to work together to fight drug abuse across the region through cooperative drug education projects.

It was further agreed that the eighteenth day of each month would be dedicated to the prevention of drug abuse by all citizens. This project was created and fowarded by María Gilma Leon, Executive Director of Narconon Colombia Center and Dr. Eduardo Gomez, MD, President of Narconon Colombia. This program titled Prevention of Psychoactive Substance Use will reach 22,000 people all across the small towns of this municipality, including, Mesitas de El Colegio, El Triunfo, La Victoria and Pradilla.
The origin of one day being dedicated to preventing drug abuse goes back to September 4, 2009, when the Honorable City Council of the El Colegio, Cundinamarca issued a directive establishing June 18th of each year as The Day of Prevention of Psychoactive Substance Use. Under this new Official Agreement, María Gilma Leon and Dr. Eduardo Gomez suggested to the Secretary of the Government of the Mayor, Dr. Marcela Herrera, not to limit the promotional activities and prevention programs to only June 18th of each year, but to conduct a monthly ongoing campaign on the eighteenth of every month. This proposal was welcomed and approved by the Mayor, and immediately adopted.

Narconon Colombia formally began the promotional and prevention activities on June 18th in the Main Park of Mesitas del Colegio, handing out brochures, flyers and delivering information to the villagers.
That same day, they had a dancing event in the main disco of the village with free admission for all persons including children to deliver the message of “We Have Fun Without Drugs!”

For nearly two decades, Narconon Colombia has been delivering the full Narconon drug rehabilitation program in a residential center in the hills outside of Santa Fe de Bogota. They have rehabilitated many formerly addicted people in Colombia and other South American countries. In addition, staff and graduates have delivered drug education extensively throughout the country.

Just last year, Narconon Colombia delivered drug education to 25,000 people in different educational centers of the country including adults who belong to social groups and to vulnerable communities as mothers who are heads of the families. They have also been on radio and television interviews bringing a drug-free-message and the hope for stable drug and alcohol rehabilitation for their communities.

For more information about the Narconon Colombia rehabilitation center, please visit or call 1-800-210-3060 or 1-323-962-2404.

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