New Methamphetamine Poisoning of Toddler Makes Drug Abuse Dangers All Too Clear

Growing problem with methamphetamine abuse and addiction centered in Oklahoma results in increasing number of child abuses. Narconon International offers an effective solution.

Incidents in which small children are injured or even killed due to drugs in the home are all too frequent. Fortunately, in the most recent incident to hit the headlines, the child survived.

It was in the wee hours of March 21st that Alexandra Winkler called the Enid, Oklahoma 911 service to report that her two-year-old son was vomiting violently and might have swallowed some drugs. As reported by KFOR News, a confusing runaround ensued in which the police tried to track down the woman’s boyfriend who had the child with him after the mother reportedly refused to pick him up.

The mother and her boyfriend eventually went to jail, but the child immediately went to the emergency room.

The mother had reported that the child may have swallowed some methamphetamine from one of the SEVEN batches of methamphetamine being produced in the child’s home, all employing the one-pot method.

The child survived, though his heartbeat peaked at 210 beats a minute, consistent with a stimulant overdose. Not surprisingly, the child is in the care of the state, as mother and boyfriend were charged with multiple felonies, one of which was manufacturing drugs within 1,000 feet of a school.The child’s home is only a block and a half from Coolidge Elementary School.

Before that, it had only been months since another horrific child-methamphetamine encounter in Oklahoma. In June in Oklahoma City, a toddler was savagely abused after his mother traded him for the methamphetamine she needed, according to coverage on And the prior November, Lyndsey Fiddler of Bartlesville, Oklahoma was unaware of the fact that she inadvertently drowned her ten-day old infant because she was high on methamphetamine and prescription drugs. in Tulsa reported her sentencing in October 2011.

“The only way to stop the abuse of these children is to help their parents break free of their addictions,” stated Bobby Wiggins, drug prevention specialist of Narconon International, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to eliminating drug abuse through rehabilitation and prevention. “When a parent is high on methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD or any of several other drugs, they are very likely to be unaware of their children’s needs. Children may go unfed or be abused, even locked in closets. Homes may be littered with filth and drugs. Rehabilitating parents restores safety and proper care for children.”

In October, Oklahoma state legislators tackled the meth problem, noting that simpler production methods sent meth production statistics in the state soaring. Between 2007 and 2011, meth lab seizures increased fivefold. The growing problem is now costing the government a billion dollars a year.

Methamphetamine addiction is a tough one to crack,” said Mr. Wiggins. “But at Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the country, we have had excellent success. Our holistic, drug-free program that is usually completed over three to five months gives the addicted time to build new, sober lives for themselves. Seven out of ten of our graduates stay sober after they go home, no matter what their drug of choice was. By saving the parents, we save the children.”

For information on Narconon methamphetamine rehab, contact 800-323-962-2404.



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