Narconon Spokesperson Points Out How Eliminating Substance Abuse and Addiction will Save Children’s Lives

Eliminate Drug Abuse

Around the world, children suffer from the indirect effects of substance abuse through harm done by traffickers or substance-abusing parents.

Everywhere there are illicit drugs being abused, there are children being harmed. In different regions, the harm takes varying forms. But children, humans in their most vulnerable states, have little protection against the savagery that surrounds drug trafficking, drug dealing and drug abuse.

In the United States, more than a thousand children a year are affected by exposure to methamphetamine due to meth production in the home. Thousands more children are injured or killed when drugs are abused by parents or guardians. In Maryland in 2010, an infant was killed when her meth-addled mother added her to the washing machine with a load of clothes.

In Europe, it is estimated that nine million children are affected by the alcoholism of one of their parents. These children are found to suffer from neglect and feelings of shame due to the alcohol abuse, and 16 percent of all child abuse cases were connected to alcohol abuse.

Narconon spokesperson Bobby Wiggins stated, “Eliminate drug addiction around the world and all children have a safer environment in which to grow up. Improvements cover a broad spectrum, from simply being fed and clothed properly to escaping direct and outright violence.” Narconon is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of substance abuse and addiction through effective drug rehabilitation and drug education.

But in Mexico, the violence surrounding drug cartel activities has taken child endangerment to an entirely new level. In their intense battles for drug smuggling channels and power, the cartels are killing children.

In March 2011, five children lost their lives to drug cartel violence in one week in Acapulco alone. The latest victim was a four-year-old girl who was sitting in a car with a woman who was shot in the back. Two boys, two and six, were killed when a cartel gunman invaded their home. Two teens were killed in separate attacks in the city.

“It’s bad enough that we lose productive citizens to drug addiction,” added Wiggins. “When we also lose our innocent children, we have reached new lows. It’s just one more reason to fight substance abuse and addiction wherever we find it.”

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