Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist Spells out the Danger of Marijuana in Less than One Minute in New Video

Marijuana Education with Bobby WigginsEvery day, youth receive many conflicting messages about drug use from their friends, movies and music. What is needed to cut through all the noise is clear, precise information about drugs. That’s what this new video from Bobby Wiggins, a drug prevention specialist for decades, now provides.

When a young teen first steps out on his (or her) own, away from his parents’ influence, he is immediately bombarded with confusing and sometimes oppressive influences. She may be influenced about simple things like the proper dress to be fit in with their peers, how much makeup to wear and how late to stay out. Differing opinions among their friends challenge their parents’ teachings.

But independent teenage years also bring far more critical influences and decisions. When is the right time to start being sexually active? And is it right to take drugs? Which drugs are OK? Which ones are dangerous?

Most teens lack the specific guidelines to help them at this time of their lives. Drug education classes lean heavily in the direction of scare tactics and adamant directions that the teens should “not use any drugs” without explaining why that is. Drug education ends up being mired down in conflicting opinions and just become more “orders from grown-ups on what to do.”

To make things worse, the controversy and conflicting ideas that are pushed by media outlets and legislative bodies provide no clear message to teens. Marijuana use is bad… but it’s OK for sick people. Doctors say so. Prescription drug abuse is also bad… but that’s OK for sick people too. Doctors say that as well. Alcohol use is bad, but teens see adults drinking at sports events and social gatherings all the time. And as for the alcohol and drug use in movies and music videos – that’s pretty much a never-ending display of substance abuse.

What teens need is crystal clear information that cuts through the noise, conflict and confusion. A new video from Bobby Wiggins, a drug education specialist for decades, lays the truth about marijuana right on the line. A former addict, Mr. Wiggins knows all too well what happens to youth who lack clear information about drugs. “It’s my mission to prevent people from becoming addicted in the future by teaching young people WHY it’s dangerous to get started using drugs,” explained Mr. Wiggins.

“No one I’ve ever known has intended to become an addict,” he added. “I should know. I’ve helped thousands of people get off drugs after they got trapped in their drug or alcohol abuse. By spreading drug education far and wide, it’s very simple: in the future, there will be fewer addicts who need treatment.”

Mr. Wiggins’ quick and to-the-point video on the primary problems with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is available on YouTube at: How long does weed stay in the system?. Mr. Wiggins meets the challenge of fast and clear education in this one minute video that provides enough specific information about marijuana to make the viewer stop and think. And that may just be the moment that can save that young person from thinking that drug use is fine, because “everyone else is doing it.”

Mr. Wiggins learned how to overcome his own addiction through the services of the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. From its modest beginning inside the Arizona State Prison system, the Narconon program has grown to provide drug rehab services and drug education classes through more than 120 centers around the world. Mr. Wiggins has helped forward this movement by developing many of the drug education curricula used by Narconon volunteer and staff education specialists. After two decades of developing and delivering classes, he is now utilizing the reach of the internet and posting his drug education messages on YouTube for anyone to see. Anyone can find answers to questions like “How Long do Drugs Stay in the Body?” “Is Ecstasy Safe?” and “What do Drugs do to Your Nervous System?”

THC and Marijuana“It’s not enough to tell young people ‘just say no.’ They need to be able to think for themselves in all kinds of challenging situations,” Mr. Wiggins offered. “Their best friend lighting up a joint is a powerful inducement to join in. It takes a strong message to enable that young person to maintain an independent viewpoint, right at that moment. That’s what this anti-marijuana video and all my other anti-drug videos are about.”

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers send their staff and volunteers out into the community to deliver anti-drug classes to thousands of people annually, focusing on schoolchildren, companies and community groups. Corporate drug education classes can save companies tens of thousands of dollars in losses by preventing addiction among valuable and experienced employees.

Civic groups enlist the participation of Narconon drug education specialists for community events to spread the word about the better life that can be lived when one is drug-free.

For more than 45 years, Narconon centers and staff have been dedicated to the elimination of drug abuse and addiction. Mr. Wiggins and the international network of Narconon centers show no signs of slowing down in the least.
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