New Family Guide to Overcoming Drug Abuse and Addiction is Available from Narconon International

Family Help Guide
When families struggle for years with a loved one’s substance abuse problem, lives are in danger and the emotional and financial cost can be staggering. This new guide for families can help.

When loved ones become addicted to drugs or alcohol, some families spend years “hoping it will go away.” Other families provide endless financial and emotional support in the hope that this will bring back the person they used to know. Without effective rehabilitation to bring the addiction to an end, this pattern of substance abuse and resulting life problems can go on for a decade or more. To help families end this destructive pattern, Narconon International offers the Family Help Guide, Rescuing a Loved One from Substance Abuse and Addiction.Family Help Guide

The way the guide can help is by walking a family through each of the points of understanding and decisions they need to come to a real resolution. What type of drug is being abused? How serious is it? Is it addiction or could drug education resolve matters? How can a rehab center be located? These questions and more are answered as a family works through the steps of this guide.

“Families struggle because they don’t know the signs of substance abuse and can’t identify which drug is being abused,” observed Clark Carr, President of Narconon International. “With this guide, more families will be able to grasp when drug rehab is the right solution. This can definitely save lives.” Mr. Carr referenced a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration on what is called treatment lag. “According to SAMHSA, an average of nearly 16 years passes for most people between the time they start abusing an addictive substance and the time they start treatment,” he said. “Families who think they might be dealing with an addiction problem should use our guide to reduce the danger to their loved one.”

Statistics released by The Partnership at and the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that nearly 104,000 Americans lose their lives each year due to alcohol abuse or drug overdose.

When more families understand how to approach the problem of substance abuse of a loved one, more of these lives can be saved. Download the Family Help Guide or call 1-800-775-8750 today.

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