Narconon Commends Recent DEA Strategy – Says Vital Step to Protect Youth and Curtail Drug-Driven Violence in Mexico

The president of Narconon International, Mr. Clark Carr said today that Mexico’s future is very much tied to how effective the US is at curbing the narcotics market across their northern border. “Mexico’s deplorable drug cartel driven death rate is unlikely to abate no matter how much pressure is brought to bear in their own country until the US drug market is aggressively addressed here,” he said.

January is the month often reserved to recap events of the prior year. In the case of the Mexican people, 2011 was a devastating year that saw nearly 13,000 people die as a result of drug violence. The New York Daily News reported 47,515 have been killed since the beginning of December 2006.

“The focus in our Narconon® Rehabilitation Centers is on salvaging the lives of those who reach to us to escape the addictions that are destroying them. It is a sobering thought that perhaps dozens of innocent mothers, fathers and children a thousand miles or more away have already forfeited their lives to feed that one person’s addiction,” says Mr. Carr.

Recently the DEA has shown renewed willingness to step in to block growing adolescent access and use of marijuana is a welcome strategy. We already know that children introduced to drugs at a young age, legal or illegal, far too predictably can get caught up in a drug-using lifestyle after only a few short years. We also know that whereas some will outgrow it, others will not and therein lies the future lucrative markets the cartels covet and kill for”

The recent Monitoring the Future Survey from NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) shows that the percentage of youth headed for a drug-centered lifestyle is on the rise: “Fueled by increases in marijuana use, the rate of eighth-graders saying they have used an illicit drug in the past year jumped to 16 percent, up from last year’s 14.5 percent, with daily marijuana use up in all grades surveyed.”

To combat the trend, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has begun to exercise its federal power and is drawing the line – specifically the line that delineates a 1000 foot perimeter around schools within which there can be no marijuana sales, attempts to sell or even intent to sell and includes dispensaries. For example, in the city of Denver recently 23 dispensaries received “seizure letters” from the DEA. U.S. Attorney John Walsh feels strongly that protecting minors from Schedule I narcotics is important and says the recent letters are only a first wave and that more should be expected as the strategy takes in more territory.

“Only time will tell if the DEA’s strategy is effective, or if it serves to curb the US appetite for narcotics, but for the sake of our children and the people of Mexico, we certainly hope that it does,” says Mr. Carr.

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