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Narconon Anniversaries in Italy Provide Opportunity for Gathering of Graduates, Families and Local Citizens

Two Narconon centers, both on the east coast of Italy, celebrated their anniversaries and success within weeks of each other. Coming out for these events were graduates of this long-term drug rehabilitation program and their families plus local officials and … Continue reading

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In Oklahoma, Day of Music, Speeches and Awards Mark 48th Anniversary of Narconon Founding

Every day, we are grateful for the support and contributions of our neighbors. We are happy to return drug-free citizens to our communities but we could not do this job year after year without this support. We are glad to have their participation in our forty-eighth anniversary event. Continue reading

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Clinical Toxicologists and Chemical Safety Experts Learn about Detoxification from Narconon International

two Narconon representatives presented the innovative detoxification methods used in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program to the 14th Latin American Congress of Clinical Toxicology and Chemical Safety. Continue reading

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Narconon Releases New Guidelines on Importance of Life Skills in Drug Rehab

For more than forty years, we have been working side-by-side with recovering addicts to enable them to develop the exact abilities described by the WHO and SAMHSA… Continue reading

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International Narconon directors join parents of graduates to celebrate release of 40 years of positive outcome studies

As parents of Narconon graduates offer their thanks to international directors and executives for saving their childrens’ lives, a compilation of results statistics offers corroborating evidence of the Narconon program workability. Continue reading

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Grim Statistics on Repeated Drug Treatment Admissions Reveal Importance of Asking Right Questions before Rehab

Know key questions that you should ask when choosing a drug rehab. Here are 10 of them that Narconon suggests. Continue reading

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Narconon International Supports DUI Checkpoints

Through sobriety checkpoints authorities say they can make it clear there is “no tolerance” for driving under the influence. Continue reading

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Statistics Show the Danger in Waiting for an Alcoholic to Hit Bottom, Narconon Advises to Get Help Before it is Too Late

When someone is addicted to alcohol, everyone around the alcoholic suffers. Wives, children, parents, co-workers, employers, even neighbors and friends suffer right along with the addicted person. Not only that, the entire community suffers. Other drivers are endangered, even pedestrians are at risk and law enforcement personnel are forced to pick up the broken pieces of alcohol-damaged lives, day after day. Continue reading

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The Tragic Death of Amy Winehouse: A Beautiful Artistic Life Shortened by Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Starting in 2003 in the UK, Amy Winehouse began to publish a series of albums that would bring her awards, riches, accolade and millions of fans. But after a few years in the limelight, Amy began also to struggle with cocaine, heroin and alcohol abuse that took her to the edge of illness and self-destruction time after time. Finally, on 23 July 2011, she lost the struggle, with the final condition that caused her demise being undetermined as of a week later. Continue reading

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Narconon International President Acknowledges Betty Ford’s Role in Opening American Eyes to Addiction Problems

The passing of former First Lady Betty Ford provides an opportunity to not only reflect on the leadership role she played while she was in the White House, but also the change in attitude and awareness she engendered regarding substance abuse and addiction. Continue reading

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