California Youth Counter Reports of Intercultural Violence with Dr. King’s Message of Peace

Martin Luther King banner made by youth in Souther California

In an unprecedented show of solidarity, Latino and Black youth are joining other youth representing a wide spectrum of cultures to parade together on in the Long Beach Martin Luther King Jr. Parade. Youth marching are coming from cities including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hawaiian Gardens, Santa Monica, Lakewood, Artesia, Culver City, Compton, Carson, Inglewood and Wilmington to celebrate the life achievements of Martin Luther King Jr.

The young people themselves designed and executed a lively banner with Dr. King’s quote, “Men often hate and fear each other because they don’t know each other. They cannot communicate because they are separated.” Dr. King wrote this when he was incarcerated for practicing non-violence. In honor of Dr. King, they will proudly carry this peaceful statement along the route of the Long Beach parade.

Narconon help sponsor a banner for the Martin Luther King Jr. parade.Organizations sponsoring these youth and their peace-making project include Narconon International, The Positive Art of Hip Hop, SoCal Foster Care Mentoring Network and the National Alliance of Faith and Justice. Their members will walk alongside the banner to show their support. Teddy Chambers, spokesperson for Narconon International, a worldwide drug rehabilitation and prevention network based in Los Angeles, said, “Our alliance has pledged to continue to work with these and other youth to open channels of communication to bring young people together to play and work together in peace.”

The sponsoring organizations have provided t-shirts bearing the unique artistic design by Danny Flores and other youth to pass out to spectators along the parade route. (below)

The Alliance hopes to carry out many such ventures in the coming months bolstered by the positive impact of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade Day youth project.

Martin Luther King Jr. t-shirt logo
Logo of the Martin Luther King Jr. t-shirt that will be passed out at the parade in California.

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