Addressing Physical Drug Cravings Is Essential For Recovery

The Narconon Program Is the Answer for Struggling Addicts – Like Ms. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is about to relaunch her career with a brilliant new film with Angela Basset. The two women have not been in a film together since “The Preacher’s Wife” in 1996. However, we are also advised that the popular performer is also relaunching her defenses against the devastation addiction can cause.

She is voluntarily seeking help from an out patient clinic. She clearly does not want her career derailed by an out of control cocaine dependency that began in 1992 when she was filming “Body Guard”. Houston, it seems, feels it is futile to control her urges for drugs without help; consequently, she will only venture out into the public if accompanied by a monitor to help her resist her urges.

“This is so sad. Narconon’s high success rate and low relapse rate is in large measure because addicts are relieved of the persistent drug cravings that Ms. Houston is battling,” says Bobby Wiggins, Narconon International Drug Prevention Specialist. “Ending physical cravings are accomplished by a unique exercise and sauna program offered only by Narconon. The addict gets other benefits as well, such as restoration of health by correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies and energy revitalization that is often described as “a new lease on life.”

True, rehab treatment for drug addiction generally starts with a detoxification program. However, this detox only removes drugs from the systems of the body. Research has proven that the physical cravings for drugs are caused by tiny drug residuals that lodge in fatty tissue in the body. Traditional detox cannot dislodge them. Detox accompanied by more drugs to prevent the addict from experiencing the come down is even less likely to penetrate beyond the body’s systems. The result is a “sobered up” drug dependent person who can now work on other aspects of their addiction, but the physical cravings for the drug will persist until these tiny residuals are gotten rid of. Research also confirms that stored drug residuals are capable of reentering the blood stream and this alone can trigger addictive behavior.

By comparison, when addicts go through the Narconon® sauna program, which is one of eight steps that address all aspects of addiction, the residuals are removed and they are freed of this physical aspect of addiction. It gives them a physical foundation on which to build their new drug-free life that is not undermined by uncontrollable urges.

The Narconon sauna program is a health regimen that combines exercise, sauna sweat out and nutritional monitoring. It results in a resurgence of health and elimination of physical cravings for drugs. Once the addict is no longer subject to these cravings, the odds they will be able to remain drug free are greatly improved and the addict has real hope that they can at last address the underlying causes of their addiction. “A person can regain full control of their lives,” says Wiggins. “We certainly are rooting for Ms. Houston’s anticipated comeback, and we are here to help.”

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