Narconon Offers Advice for a Fun Yet Safe Spring Break

spring break groupThe Spring Break phenomenon has only been with us since the early 1960s, after a college professor accompanied some students to Fort Lauderdale and then wrote the book Where the Boys Are. The book became a movie and a popular song and college students immediately began flocking to the beaches of Florida in the spring.

Fort Lauderdale bore the onslaught until the 1980s and then passed a number of laws that made vacationing there less popular. Many of the usual 350,000 Spring Breakers moved north to Daytona Beach which also soon got tired of the problems. At which point, Spring Breakers spread out to Panama City Beach, San Padre Island in Texas, Cancun, Jamaica and many other beach locations. These days, as many as half a million Spring Breakers descend on Panama City Beach for this annual event. Continue reading

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Around the World, Narconon Centers Celebrate in Honor of 49th Anniversary

In 1966, when the Narconon drug rehab program was born, there were few facilities to help alcoholics and drug addicts build new sober lives. When William Benitez realized that people could recover from addiction if they increased their abilities, this was a radical new idea.  Benitez was an inmate in Arizona, imprisoned yet again because of his longstand-ing addiction to heroin. While in prison, he found a slim volume on the fundamentals of successful living written by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Study-ing and restudying the book, Willie realized that he had overcome his own addiction and the idea was born to found a rehab program that could help others recover.

And so each year on February 19th, Narconon centers pause for a moment to acknowl-edge this modest start that grew into an international network of rehab and prevention centers.

Narconon Gabbiano group

Staff of Narconon Gabbiano gather to celebrate

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Entering its 50th Year, Narconon Celebrates Decades of Drug-free Lives

Benitez with the first Narconon group in 1966

Benitez with the first Narconon group in early 1966

On February 19, 1966, an Arizona inmate made a decision to help other addicted people recover their sobriety with what he had just learned about his own abilities. He was able to make good on that decision, first helping inmates in the prison and, after his release, opening the first Narconon center in Los Angeles.

That inmate was William Benitez who in 1966 was imprisoned yet again due to his heroin addiction. But after he read, and then reread a book on the fundamentals of living and ability by L. Ron Hubbard, he knew he had learned how to stay sober. He put his knowledge to work and helped others both inside and outside the prison gain the life skills they needed to put down drugs forever.

Narconon graduate celebrates new life with family

Narconon graduate celebrates new life with family

From this humble start, his first Narconon program grew into more than a hundred rehabilitation and prevention centers on six continents. In its nearly five decades of operations, tens of thousands of addicted individuals have graduated from this long-term, holistic rehab program, and millions of young people have benefited from the Narconon drug education curriculum.

On the 49th anniversary, February 19th 2015,  Narconon president Clark Carr praised the executives and staff of these centers around the world. “We could not be more proud of the thousands of staff and volunteers that have made Narconon such a success over the past five decades,” said Carr. “Some of our staff have been with us more than thirty years – a few have reached over forty! These dedicated staff have greatly contributed to our ability to reach so many people struggling with addiction. As we enter our fiftieth year, we are as dedicated as ever to achieving our goal – a world free from the destruction of drug abuse and addiction.” Continue reading

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In Milan, More than 300 Guests and Dignitaries Gather for the 33rd Anniversary of Narconon Southern Europe

Guests at the Narconon annivesary event held in Milan Italy

Guests at the Narconon annivesary event held in Milan Italy

In Europe as in every other corner of the world, drug and alcohol addiction takes lives and destroys families. It was appropriate to take time to celebrate Narconon Southern Europe centers’ three decades of success saving lives. On the evening of December 13th, 2014, Narconon Southern Europe regional office welcomed hundreds of guests to a special dinner and awards ceremony at the Nhow Hotel.

Graduates from three decades take the stage to be acknowledged

Graduates from three decades take the stage to be acknowledged

The guests who arrived at this beautiful hotel in the design, fashion and contemporary art district included a delegation from the nation of Qatar, a consul from Turkey, the executive di-rector of Narconon Cairo in Egypt, a Nigerian doctor, and four Assessors from surrounding cities in Italy. Mingling with the 320 guests were about eighty graduates of Italian drug rehabilitation programs along with family members.

“In our fight against drug abuse and addiction, it takes many people working together to bring about improvements and save lives,” said Clark Carr, president of Narconon Inter-national. “We congratulate the Southern European team of centers, and especially their executive director Giovanni Cittero and president Ugo Ferrando. This was a moment for them to share our success with our supporters, their staff and the graduates of our program.”

staff of Narconon southern Europe

Staff from the Narconon Southern Europe region

After aperitifs and an excellent dinner, attendees were thrilled by internationally known singer Evgenia Laguna.

When it came to awards, certain individuals were singled out for their special achieve-ments. From Qatar, Mr. Mubarak Bin Zayed first awarded Narconon South Europe with a golden falcon statue to acknowledge their humanitarian actions. Then the Narconon management staff turned their attention to the accomplishments of their centers.

Director of Narconon Southern Europe presents award to Dila Tezemir of Narconon Turkey

Director of Narconon Southern Europe presents award to Dila Tezemir of Narconon Turkey

“When we handed out our own awards on this night, we were acknowledging the successes of the Narconon centers across Southern Europe and the deft skills of the regional management office in Milan,” said Carr. “Narconon Southern Europe has particularly made fine progress educating public broadly on the effectiveness of Narconon. We are terribly proud of their work, the lives they have saved, and the popularity of the Narconon program that has been the result of their hard work.”

Two people received the William Benitez International Award, given annually to those who make special strides forward on behalf of Narconon or their communities.

Aidu Shainana of Nigeria was the first awardee. He first trained on the Narconon rehabilitation technology so he could open a Narconon drug rehab center in his native Nigeria. But when he recently realized that his population was very upset about the prospect of losing loved ones to the Ebola crisis, he gathered his staff and took to the streets to distribute educational materials on Ebola and talk directly to people to calm them about their concerns. As the group continued this project, Nigeria was declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization.

Next, two key staff from Narconon Turkey were given this special recognition. Since Dila Tezemir and Ismail Karakas began operating their new center in Ankara, Turkey, they have also reached out to the people in their nation by sending out messages on television on the hope of recovery. This Narconon is setting a new a standard in Turkey, as it is apparently the only non-hospital-based drug rehab in the country.

“We look forward to another year of accomplishment from our colleagues in Southern Europe,” said Carr. “They are definitely leading the way.”

For more information on the Narconon program and its international network of rehabilitation and prevention centers, call 1-800-775-8750.

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Narconon International Welcomes its Newest Drug Rehabilitation Center: Narconon Argo of central Italy

On every continent except Antarctica, Narconon drug rehabilitation or prevention centers work tirelessly to bring persons back to sobriety and guide young people away from drug abuse. On November 23, 2104, a new Narconon facility in Italy opened its doors to neighbors, friends and supporters, introducing them to the Narconon rehab program now available to help families all over the country.

Narconon Argo grand opening

Local officials and staff cut the ribbon for Narconon Argo grand opening

Narconon Argo is the newest member of more than 100 Narconon prevention or reha-bilitation organizations. It’s located just an hour from Rome, in Spedino, Borogose, a vil-lage surrounded by nature reserves and parks. On this day, dignitaries and neighbors turned out for the grand opening celebration, including Mayor Mariano Calisse and local cleric Don Nazzareno. On hand to welcome them into the center was Narconon Director Paul Corneli. Continue reading

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Expert Evaluation of Moscow-Based Narconon Program Shows Excellent Results

results of narconon study in moscow

One to Three Years After Completing the Narconon Moscow program

For two decades, Narconon drug rehabilitation centers in Moscow have reached out to provide addicts  with a lasting solution. At the end of the 1990’s most addicts in this Russian city were using heroin or methamphetamine. Their paths too often ended ended with their succumbing to overdose or illnesses AIDS. Usual treatments were no help, mostly consisting of withdrawal followed by barbiturates. So when two Russian scientists studied the Narconon program with a careful evaluation of the program’s success, this was good news for everyone.

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Red Ribbon Week 2014: Narconon Fresh Start Reaches Milestone of 100K Children Educated on the Harmful Effects of Drugs

Narconon Fresh Start drug education

Tony Bylsma of Narconon Fresh Start

All year round, the drug prevention team at Narconon Fresh Start in southern California reaches out to schools, clubs and civic groups to be sure that young people know the dangers of drug use. During the anti-drug event Red Ribbon Week held from the 23rd and 31st of October, Narconon Fresh Start announced that their months of work had resulted in a new milestone for the team: more than 100,000 young people learned the truth about drugs so far this year!

Nearly all these children were in Southern California, but at the request of school administrators in Noble and Monroe Counties, Ohio, two thousand youth in that state also heard this message about living drug-free.

Narconon Fresh Start drug education talk

Jesse Crosby speaking to students in southern California

“Preventing drug use is an important part of the job we do,” said Clark Carr, president of Narconon International. “Yes, we can help an addicted person recover his sobriety but it is so much better if he never goes down that path in the first place. We’re very proud of the team at Narconon Fresh Start for their stellar accomplishment this year.”

After every presentation, students fill out feedback surveys. The responses are tabulated to see what the children learn from the class. Eighty percent said they learned new information and 90% said they could put it to good use, sometimes by talking to their friends or family members to warm them of the harm drugs can do. Continue reading

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Narconon Tijuana celebrates its second anniversary with song, dance, and heartfelt words.

While Tijuana is unfortunately still best known for being a border town with drug and crime problems, on October 25th all that was set aside for some community members while Narconon Tijuana residential drug rehabilitation center celebrated two years of successful delivery.

Narconon Tijuana 2nd anniversary breakfast

Guests at the Narconon Tijuana Anniversary Breakfast

The breakfast party was attended by approximately one hundred Narconon staff and graduates, their families, community members, and Catholic Church supporters.

Padre Lares speaking with guests

Padres Lares Speaking with Guests

Padre Jaime Lares Chairez, the priest who spearheaded the fundraising, building, and development of both the drug rehab facility as well as a Catholic Church and retreat next door, was in the middle of all the activity and celebration. He had discovered the Narconon rehabilitation technology at a First Step Workshop delivered by Narconon International a few years ago. He realized at that time, comparing the wealth of new tools the Narconon program brought with it, that it would provide the staff of his existing “Twelve Step” (Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous) center with an improved methodology to help addicted persons in Tijuana and surrounding areas. Continue reading

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Narconon Volunteers in Nigeria Take to the Streets to Fight a New Enemy: Ebola

Narconon nigeria delivering drug education

Narconon Nigeria Drug Education

On a routine day, the twelve volunteers staffing Narconon Nigeria Drug Prevention can be found handing out anti-drug materials, giving drug education lectures in schools or visiting government officials. For the last few weeks, however, these staff have taken on a different role: Anti-Ebola education.

Seeing their friends and neighbors fearing for their lives, Narconon Nigeria director Ayedun Taiw made the decision to lead the drug prevention team down a different path. They obtained educational materials on Ebola and walked the streets, talking to people and giving out the materials on how to prevent Ebola infection. Continue reading

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Narconon Turkey Offers an Innovative, Drug-Free Program to Those Who are Addicted

One year ago, the first Narconon center in Turkey was opened in the capital city of Ankara. In a country with very few drug rehabilitation resources, Narconon offered something completely different – a drug-free program that focuses on bringing the addicted person back to ability and life.

Narconon Turkey drug rehab center

The Narconon Turkey Drug Rehabilitation Facilty

Any family member sees how drug addiction just seems to drain the life out of their loved one. In Turkey, the primary drugs used are cannabis, alcohol, Ecstasy and cocaine – but it’s opiates that are sending the most people to rehabilitation. The number asking for rehabilitation help have climbed dramatically in the last decade, from 40,000 in 2004 to 227,000 in 2012. By far, the greatest number of people entering rehab are male and the average age is only 25.

A shortage of treatment facilities meant that only 4,720 people were admitted into treatment in 2012, a far smaller percentage of those that needed it than in the United States.

Narconon Turkey staff

Dila with her staff

“In 2013, Dila Tezemir and Ismail Karakaş founded their drug rehab center in Ankara and began to welcome the addicted into the facility,” said Clark Carr, president of Narconon. “They are also very busy reaching out into the community via radio and television and by offering drug education lectures to the community. The idea of a drug-free program that emphasizes helping an addicted person communicate responsibly and truly perceive the real world around him has been a very popular new idea in their community.” Continue reading

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