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Keep up-to-date with the latest news in the Narconon network and what’s happening with drugs in the world. We help provide the public with solutions and information to create a drug-free world.

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Narconon provides drug rehabilitation and drug education services. We coordinate many activities around the world in over 40 different countries to help provide solutions to keep people away from and off drugs.

Here you can find many articles and stories about what’s going on in the world with drugs and how Narconon is coming along side to prevent drug use and help get others off drugs for good.

We share these articles and stories to bring awareness to the public and to show how drugs destroy people’s lives, but more importantly to also show that drug addiction can be overcome. Tens of thousands of people have been freed from addiction. See how Narconon is changing lives for a lifetime.

You will also find news updates for all our centers as well as a yearly recap of their stories. Narconon also publishes newsletters throughout each year and can be found on this site.

If you have questions about information on this site, please contact us at or call us at 800-775-8750.

Saving lives since 1966.

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Contact our international office to find out more about the Narconon drug programs. Our rehab specialist are always on standby to help assist you.


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